Hello World!

This past weekend I accepted a full time job as a Governess in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I am starting this blog so that family and friends can follow me on my adventures. The name NannyG stands for the fact that I am a certified Governess and Nanny. Sure I could have come up with something more creative but I am in over my head with work and packing currently.

This blog will be one to tell of my personal life and the things I discover along the way. I also created another blog that will be geared around the children I will be caring for. That blog is called JuVin Adventures and can be found here http://juvinadventures.blogspot.com/

Look forward to staying in touch and hearing feedback in my comments below. Yes, please leave a comment! It is always nice to know people are following me and will encourage me to keep it up to date.

Here goes to a few crazy weeks of packing and driving a Uhaul to be in Colorado by April 1st!

p.s. if you have questions put them in the comments below. May not answer for a bit but I will attempt to comment and answer all questions 🙂


About samiamnan

My purpose in having these blogs is to document and share my life. My hope is that people can connect find fun tips, laugh, and have ah-ha moments. I want to create a community of sharing and swapping great information and stories. I welcome thoughts and comments as it's nice to know others are out there reading my blogs. I hope you can cry, laugh, say ah-ha, and enjoy this blog. If you want to hear more about something, please leave a comment and share the love!
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4 Responses to Hello World!

  1. Welcome to Colorado Springs–it’s a great town!

  2. Good idea to blog about your adventures. Hope it’s a good experience.

    • samiamnan says:

      Thanks for stopping by empressnasigoreng and taking the time to comment.. It has been a wonderful experience thus far. I have moved my blog and it is now called NannyG’sVentrues. http://nannygsventrues.wordpress.com/
      (for some reason my old blog is still there, even though I can’t find it, odd)

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